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The Role and Responsibilities of the Editor, Area Editor and Reviewers


The Editor (ED)


The primary role of the editor is to manage the journal.

  • Determines whether a submitted manuscript is appropriate for Marketing Science.

  • Selects expert reviewers (i.e., referees) and an area editor to evaluate the submitted manuscript.

  • Renders a final editorial decision on each manuscript based on the AE recommendation, journal priorities, other similar manuscripts in process and related considerations.

  • Communicates directly with the author and the review team.

  • Schedules accepted manuscripts for publication.

  • Balances workloads for the area editors and reviewers.

  • Resolves any conflicts.

The Area Editor (AE)


The primary role of the AE is to make recommendations on submitted manuscripts and, when that recommendation involves revisions, suggesting priorities for the author(s).

  • Leads the review team to a recommendation.

  • Based on a synthesis of the reviews and a reading of the manuscript, writes a short evaluative and constructive report reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript for the authors and the editor.

  • Evaluates the relative importance of the issues raised by the reviewers.

  • When recommending revisions, provides specific priorities for the author(s).

  • Makes suggestions regarding conflicts between reviewer evaluations.

  • Makes a recommendation to the Editor regarding the final decision on the manuscript.

The Reviewers

The primary role of the reviewer (referee) to evaluate submitted manuscripts.  When possible, reviewers can also suggest possible remedies for defects in the manuscript.

  • Provides an expert, impartial, non-hostile and constructive evaluation of the submitted manuscript by completing the reviewer evaluation form.

  • In the process, reviewers should:



Consider the importance of the research question addressed by the manuscript.



Consider whether the manuscript delivers on its promises. 



Consider whether the promised findings are a contribution to the literature.      



Consider the soundness of the logic, methods, procedures and derivations.



Consider the effectiveness of the presentation.



Consider the potential impact of the manuscript.




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The role, duties, responsibilities, functions and jobs of the editor, reviewers and area editors.

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