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Why Publish in Marketing Science

Marketing Science is a journal sponsored by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Being part of the long established INFORMS organization insures our long-term existence and financial security. We are found in many libraries throughout the world. All of our articles are found in Web accessible full-text commercial database such as EBSCO, ProQuest and JSTOR.  For example,

  from 01/01/1982 to 1 year ago in Business Source Premier 
  from 01/01/2001 to 1 year ago in Expanded Academic ASAP, InfoTrac OneFile and IAC Expanded Academic Index 
  from 01/01/2002 to 1 year ago in ABI/INFORM Global 
  from 03/22/2001 to present in General Business File ASAP and IAC Business Index 
  from 1982 to 1 year ago in JSTOR 
  from 1998 to present in INFORMS PubOnLine 

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Hence, our articles are readily accessible.  On-line subscriptions are available.

All major citation indices including ISI's Journal Citation Reports includes all papers published in Marketing Science. We are listed as a primary and high-ranking business publication.  The web-of-science contains our abstracts.  We are an A+ Journal (Wien Rating).

In 2004, Marketing Science published more articles than the two leading AMA journals (Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Research).

Marketing Scienceís impact rating, based on estimated citations per article reported by the SSCI's Journal Citation Reports , in the year 2004 was 3.391. That rating is higher than all journals in marketing.  It ranks Marketing Science 3rd among all 57 business journals rated by ISI.  The following table shows the top 5 leading business  journals ranked on their respective impact factors (citations per article published).





There are 57 business journals and 94 total business & finance journals.  Marketing Science ranks 3rd in both categories.


The following table compares Marketing Science to selected journals in Marketing.

The Social Science Prestige Factor for 2000 (based on six independent variables and over 6000 journals*) puts Marketing Science at the 91st percentile (i.e., top 9%).  In comparison,  Journal of Marketing ranks at the 77th percentile, Journal of Marketing Research (90th percentile),  Journal of Retailing (57th percentile),  American Economic Review (92nd percentile), Journal of Advertising (47th percentile), Journal of Econometrics (74th percentile) and Journal of Finance (98th percentilea).

We are the fifteenth ranked econometrics journal (click here).

Other analyses provide similar conclusions. Harzing (2001) finds Marketing Science is an A-journal of international status and gives it the highest possible rating (an A-5).  Bill Starbuck (1996) verifies this status. Many published marketing productivity rankings use Marketing Science (Bakir, Vitell and Rose 2000). Hans Baumgartner and Rik Pieters (2000) report that Marketing Science is one of the top-ranked marketing journals among doctorate-granting institutions.

Marketing Scienceís offers (1) a receptive attitude toward innovative research, (2) an efficient review process, and (3) a very fast time to print. Our reviews are constructive, fair, and timely.

We will adopt a very receptive philosophy toward innovation over consistency with prevailing beliefs. Some of the most cited articles in Marketing Science are from diverse areas including behavioral decision theory, operations research, econometrics, managerial economics, R&D, and relationship management. Most high impact articles also have audiences in multiple disciplines. We encourage submissions by adopting an open philosophy and assigning ad hoc reviewers to accommodate nontraditional subject areas for Marketing Science. We welcome papers that contradict existing beliefs, use different methods, focus on different variables or make different assumptions. Adding more variables is not always necessary to advance research. The goal of modeling is simplicity (we already have the complexity of the real world).

Submitting a manuscript is easy. You need only submit an electronic copy of your manuscript with our submission form. For most manuscripts, our process will be "paperless" and communications will be instantaneous. In fact, we post page proofs for authors on the typesetter's ftp site. These developments increase production efficiency and have the potential to decrease time-to-print. We carefully control backlog by varying the number of pages in each issue. That allows us to offer a very fast time-to-print.

Also, authors will be very happy to know that after publication INFORMS routinely gives permission to make digital or hard copies of part of all of published articles for personal or classroom use without fee (provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage).

Finally, Marketing Science offers an outstanding set of area editors and reviewers who represent the best researchers and research institutions in marketing.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts. 


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*:  PrestigeFactor data recorded on 1/28/02.

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