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Note For LaTex and TeX Users

When creating Post Script (PS) or Portable Document Files (PDF), you must replace all TeX bitmap (PK) fonts with PostScript Outline (Type 1) TrueType fonts and embed them in the resulting PostScript or PDF file.  Please do the following:   

1.  Use the style sheets given below.

2.  Use Only True Fonts (Type 1)

3.  In the True Type Font Menu, use "download soft-font" and NOT "substitute with device font"

4.  In the Postscript Options Menu (true type download option), use "outline" and NOT "automatic"

If you are unable to solve this problem, submit a DVI file from LaTex and we will convert for you.

Note:  Acrobat Reader fails to properly display bitmap fonts.  Documents appear blurry on the screen.  Using "outline" rather than "bitmap" solves this problem.  Use the the Postscript® Type 1 version of the standard fonts found in recent LaTeX distributions.  When using T1 font encoding, LaTeX uses EC fonts, for which there are no Type1 version.  Hence, use OT1 encoding or use the AE package that emulates T1 coded fonts.  Alternatively, select PSLateX as the global font in the document layout dialog.  Finally, note that glyphs are sometimes missing from the standard Computer Modern Fonts but are included in the Postscript® fonts.  Click for more.


Sample of References Style/Sample Bibliography/Example of References (right click to download, left click to view)

LaTeX template for Marketing Science (right click to download, left click to view)

INFORMS author style  (right click to download, left click to view)

INFORMS BiBTeX extraction style  (right click to download, left click to view)

How to use the style, includes a detailed overview of reference style  (right click to download, left click to view)

PDF Files Created with LaTeX: The font looks blurry






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