Woochoel Shin


Assistant Professor of Marketing,

Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)




PHD (Business Administration - Marketing), Duke University, 2010

BA (Business Administration), BS (Statistics), Seoul National University, 2002


Research Interests


Keyword Search Advertising, Online Advertising, Two-Sided Markets; Competitive Product Policy, Retailing, Store Brands


Publications (authors listed in alphabetical order)


Amaldoss, Wilfred, and Woochoel Shin (2011), “Competing for Low-end Markets,” Marketing Science, 30(5), 776-788. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Desai, Preyas S., Woochoel Shin, and Richard Staelin (2014), “The Company that You Keep: When to Buy a Competitor’s Keyword,” Marketing Science, 33(4), 485-508. [pdf]

Amaldoss, Wilfred, Preyas S. Desai, and Woochoel Shin (2015), “Keyword Search Advertising and First-Page Bid Estimates: A Strategic Analysis,” Management Science, forthcoming. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Shin, Woochoel (2015), “Keyword Search Advertising and Limited Budgets,” Marketing Science, conditionally accepted.

Amaldoss, Wilfred, and Woochoel Shin (2015), “Multi-Tier Store Brands and Channel Profits,” Journal of Marketing Reseach, conditionally accepted.


Working Papers


 “Social Network Games: An Emerging Platform for Product Placement Advertising” (with Jinhong Xie, and Huazhong Zhao)



MAR6722 Web-Based Marketing (MBA program)

MAR6237 Art and Science of Pricing (MBA program)

MAR6256 Strategy and Tactics of Pricing (Professional MBA program)

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